Headshot example - Hannah


First impressions count! Do you want your potential clients to connect with you right from the start? Find out how having professional headshots can help you build your impact.


Even though lots of people take cameras to events, there is still a need for the support of a professional event photographer. Find out how to add value to your next conference, dinner, ball or charity event.


How many of your family photos never get looked at again? Why not get some high quality images of your family that you can hang on your wall with pride, to help you remember just how awesome they are.

Freelance Photographer serving Plymouth, Exeter and South Devon

If you are looking for headshots for business, event photography or family portraiture you have come to the right place. I work primarily in Plymouth, Exeter and South Devon but can travel further afield if necessary. I promise to make you look awesome in your photos, whilst ensuring that they enhance your personal brand - even if you hate having your photo taken.

.... not just a photographer

As well as taking pictures, I also have a wealth of prior experience in other business areas, so I will be able to focus quickly on the essence of what you're trying to achieve.

Because your time is precious, my approach is flexible and pragmatic - with the aim of minimising any impact on your organisation's normal working day. You could describe it as no-faff photography

And, in case you have any concerns about working with someone who you don't know, I am happy to guarantee all my work: If you don't like what I've done, I will re-edit or re-shoot at no extra cost to you until you are happy with your images or, failing that, you will owe me nothing.

Phone: 07974 106566

Address: 18 Cole Lane, Ivybridge, PL21 0PN