Other Experience



It's not just about the images. It helps to have someone who understands business and who is flexible enough to deal with people in a hurry, who have better things to do than having their picture taken. Having worked for large multinationals like GE and BT, as well as for much smaller organisations, I can appreciate the need for minimum disruption to your schedule.

Most of my early career was spent in IT - initially as a programmer, then in customer support, folowed by marketing communications - producing the company magazine, sales brochures and other promotional material. During this time, I had my first darkroom in a cupboard under the stairs in my flat.

This was followed by a spell in corporate video production as a producer and scriptwriter working for both a large corporate and as a freelancer.

Next came soft skills management training - presentation skills and working in teams. Finally,  my most recent expereience before photography was as a secondary school Maths teacher.

I have been a keen photographer since I was a teenager but really started developing my portraiture skills about 5 years ago though a series of short courses at Plymouth College of Art.

Finally, if there is a photography gene, my great grandfather was a Victorian society portrait photographer in London in the 1860s and 70s and my father and grandfather were both keen amateurs!

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