Headshots for business

Why have a headshot?

Having professional headshots taken can be a useful part of building your personal brand. With less face-to-face contact at work these days, it's a great help if the people you're doing business with know what you look like. And you can use a good headshot to support you to project the image you want - a divorce lawyer and an event planner would probably want somewhat different expressions!

Deciding the purpose of your headshot is an important part of choosing the look you want to achieve. Is it for social media, such as LinkedIn or Facebook; for a printed document, such as a brochure or annual report; for ID purposes or perhaps displayed in your company's reception; or online on the business's website? Knowing this will help you decide the style of headshot and what you wear for your photo shoot.

Successful headshots

What makes a successful headshot is a combination of lighting, background, pose and expression. Even if you hate having your photograph taken, I'll work with you to get the most effective combination of these factors to bring out the best in how others will see you. Headshots can be taken in the studio or on location, or I can bring a portable studio to you, so you can make best use of your time. 

The time that a headshot session will take depends primarily on how many different versions you need. For an individual and a single combination of clothes and background, you could need as little as 15 minutes with the photographer; if, however, you need hair and makeup services, changes of clothing and different lighting set ups, it could potentially require a couple of hours. My aim is always to minimise the disruption to your day and make the session itself as stress-free as possible.


If there is a group of you, or indeed an entire company, my experience of taking school photographs means that I can work quickly and efficiently to get a consistent look, in as short a time as possible, whilst taking care of the administration of the job. For large numbers of people, it is possible to reduce the time per person down to only a few minutes each.

Your next step

Get in touch here to register your interest or to arrange an initial, no obligation chat about your own particular requirements, so that I can offer you a tailored proposal to help you to project the perfect image. 


Free Resource: Click here for a free PDF guide to what to wear for your headshot session

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